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How to File a Life Insurance Claim: Explained

After the death of bread earner (the insured person) of the family, there are several important things to do like the arrangement of the funeral, taking care of the dependants, and managing the left work.

There is one more important thing, which most people treat as a secondary thing but its actually one of the most important stuff to do post death.

And the reason why it is an important thing. Well, it decides how your financial future will be.

So, coming back to the topic, we have today come up with few tips on how to claim life insurance coverage?

Here are few tips, which everyone should follow while claiming the life insurance coverage and at the end, they would get what they were desiring for.

So, without wasting any second, let’s get started:

#1 Finding the Agent who sold the policy

The first thing you should do is to find the agent from whom the policy was bought.

This is important because once you have found the agent, every other process would automatically become easier comparatively.

Like what papers you need to file the claim, what are other processes or what you should avoid doing while filing the claim.

So, it should be your first priority to find the agent.

#2 Contact the insurance company and talk to some currently working agent

There may be a case that the agent from whom the policy was bought, is dead or is retired by now. or nobody has any contact.

So, in this case, you must contact the company and talk to any of the current working agents.

Now, this step is little tricky as a large number of agents prefer not to interfere in other agent’s cases.

Here you have two option, either to persuade him/her anyway or talk to the superior officer.

Once you have established the contact, the agent would help you out in everything other things.

#3 Contact the employer who offered the coverage

There is quite a chance that the life insurance was originally offered by the employer where the demised person used to work.

So, if this is the case, then simply contact the company and ask for the proper details including the paper works from their side.

One thing you should know here that even the company provides every help and documentation, it’s you who have to run for the settlement.

#4 Arrangement of Documents

Now, the most important point is the arrangement of proper documents, which the insurance company may ask to submit.

If the documentation is not proper, nothing would help you out.

So, always remember to keep every document ready from your side.

Document’s Required:

  • Papers of Policy – Get all the original papers of the policy. Also, keep one photocopy of each.
  • Death Certificate – Without a death certificate, no company would accept your claim. So, always get the certificate as soon as possible after death.
  • Marriage Certificate – In case that the insured person was your wife, then you need to provide the marriage certificate.
  • Your Identity Proof – Identity proofs are the basic thing and you should always carry with you.
  • Insurance Claim Form – Fill the coverage claim form properly provided by the insurance company.
  • Important Documents To Claim Coverage – Every company has its own rules and hence it is always a better option to contact the company or agent to know what extra documents they want.

There may be few more required documents and to understand it completely, you should talk to the insurance company.

#5 Submit all the documents with duly filled forms to insurance company

Once you are done with arranging all the documents and filling the forms, you now need to submit all the forms and documents to the insurance company.

Now, one thing you should always remember, to keep a copy of documents which you are submitting to the company.

Submitting the forms and document may be little hectic, so you have to be patience with insurance officers.

There is a chance that the insurance officer asks you to visit another day or asks you to bring some other documents.

Well, this happens most of the time because the company is giving money and nobody wants to give money.

And that’s why they try to figure out every possible loophole so that they can reject your claim. So, don’t get irritated and keep trying.

At the End

Many people think that they would get their claimed amount in minutes, but actually, it does take few days and in same cases few weeks.

So, always be prepared for everything and don’t leave any loophole from your side at least.

Double check the documents and forms before submitting and as I already mentioned, always keep a copy of every paper submitted.

And within few days, you will have the coverage amount in your hand to make the dependents life secure and happy.

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